Morocco Group Tours and Private Trips

Welcome to our captivating Morocco cultural, adventure, and spiritual tours, meticulously planned for 2024 and 2025. Morocco beckons as a gateway to boundless beauty, immersing visitors in an exotic enchantment that unfolds like a magical journey through a mythical reality. From ancient walled cities steeped in history to Saharan dunes awaiting your transient footprints, and picturesque mountain retreats embraced by breathtaking landscapes—these are just a glimpse of the treasures awaiting discovery. The entire country exudes an old-world charm, with every twist and turn revealing yet another mesmerizing spectacle.

Our Morocco Tours are crafted with a clear focus on culture, nature, and, most importantly, meaningful encounters with the local people. At Sarah Tours and Discoveries, Inc., we present your ticket to a world of marvels in discovering Morocco. Whether you seek tailor-made tours, private expeditions, or set group adventures, we guarantee the best prices. 2024/2025 marks the beginning of your extraordinary Moroccan journey.

Customized Tours

Our Morocco Tours


Join our cultural small group tours or contact us for our customized private tours to Morocco

Luxury Tours

Delve into Moroccan history and culture with our luxury escorted tours. Explore the finest riads, restaurants, and palaces on our curated Morocco tours. Prepare for an in-depth cultural journey across Morocco.


Embark on active adventures in Morocco – walk, hike, trek untouched trails, and experience horseback riding in the stunning landscapes of the Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert. Tailored for independent travelers, choose from small group tours or private expeditions.

Morocco Culinary

Indulge in cooking classes led by renowned Moroccan chefs, unraveling the secrets of traditional staples, spices, preserves, medicinal herbs, and condiments for a lifestyle of healthy luxury. Explore our diverse array of activities in Morocco.

Spiritual Tours

Embark on a spiritual odyssey in Morocco, visiting revered sites with esteemed Sufi Masters. Partake in unique spiritual journeys and retreats, discovering another dimension of Morocco's profound cultural and mystical heritage.

Events and festivals

Participate in special fairs honoring holy saints, the World Sacred Music Festival of Fes, the Imilchil Marriage Fair, vibrant horse festivals, the Essaouira Gnaoua Festival, the sacred month of Ramadan, the Megouna Rose Festival, and more cultural tours in Morocco.

Tailored Tours