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Explore the full overview of the Moorish culture by visiting on an overland small-group expedition to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. You can mix luxury with mild activities in a 23-day discovery tour to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. You will visit major cities of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, hike the Atlas Mountains and Berber villages, explore day Markets, and, more importantly, the Sahara desert. These diverse highlights and landscapes, contrasting between Moorish/Spaniard sedentary and Berber nomadic life, make this tour a complete discovery and the best tour to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. Explore ancient cities, day markets, unique oases, and Kasbahs, enjoying hiking and trekking activities unique to this expedition.

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This three-week overland adventure expedition to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, hiking and trekking from Madrid to Casablanca trip, is, by all means, one of the most actively eclectic expeditions that one can take to dig deep into the Moorish culture. Combining Spain, Portugal, and Morocco is a full package tour with great cultural discoveries and enticing activities. Our overland truck adventure expedition is an intimate private transport adventure to explore the best scenic roads and off-the-path trails through the three countries of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, which we have featured on our carefully personalized tour itinerary for active travelers.

Our overland adventure expedition Starting in Spain's capital, Madrid, with its fine collections of art galleries and all-around metropolitan highlights of Madrid, we then travel overland the scenic roads toward historic Salamanca before heading across the border into Portugal. We will trek to Coimbra, where we will spend two nights exploring the marvels of this ancient city in a small boutique hotel. We then head south to spend a few days discovering the sights in and around Portugal's stunning capital Lisbon. Lisbon is one of the most charismatic and vibrant cities in Europe. It is a city that effortlessly blends traditional heritage with striking modernism and progressive thinking. As a holiday destination, Lisbon offers a rich and varied history, a buzzing nightlife, and a glorious year-round climate. After a couple of days on the Algarve coast, enjoying the promontory of this Atlantic relaxing beach, we will pop back into Spain for 24 hours so that we can take the boat to Morocco, taking a quick visit to the sumptuous city of Seville and the triangle of Cherry, where everything changes from Spaniard culture to Moorish culture. You can notice the Moroccan influences already, with its Moorish architecture standing proudly alongside flamenco and tapas bars.

From here to Tarifa, where we take the hydrofoil ferry to Tangier. A dramatic cross at the Straight of Gibraltar when leaving Europe to Africa right between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean. It is only an hour's cross but could be an adventure you will treasure for a lifetime. We will overland straight to Chefchaouen, one of the best blue cities in the Mediterranean basin, nestled at the peaks of the Rif Mountains. Every city in Morocco has its character and identity. The imperial cities are all exciting in their ways, as two days in Fez will reveal the sophistication of Moroccan arts and crafts, with its well-preserved ancient Islamic heritage that forever marked the cultural aspects of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. The Old Medina of Fez does not owe anything to modernity but electricity. And finally, we take an overland ride across the Atlas Mountains, hiking and trekking deep into the Sahara oases and valleys. We will camp over the dunes of Erg Chebbi under the African skies, walk the lush oases of Tafilalet Valley, and trek the Mgoun and Dades Valleys before we reach the enticing city of Marrakech, a city that needs little introduction but which leaves the most memorable mark for its vibrant, sense awakening and exciting atmosphere Joie de Vivre. Are you ready to explore the marvels of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco on our overland expedition? Then hop in our truck and enjoy this small group adventure scheduled to discover Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.


Day 1: Arrival in Madrid

Upon arrival at Madrid Airport, our tour leader will greet you right after clearing customs. He will introduce your group and brief you on the fantastic discovery tour spanning Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. Welcome to Madrid, Spain, the elegant capital renowned for its spacious boulevards and well-manicured parks in the heart of Spain's geography. You begin with a welcome meeting and a guided tour of Madrid.

We'll embark on an optional group dinner, offering you the chance to acquaint yourself with Spanish culture. Following the welcome meeting, immerse yourself in the local culture by sampling tapas and Rioja, gaining a taste of Spanish nightlife, and getting into the mindset of a Madrileño.

Day 2: Madrid Guided Tour

Following breakfast, our small group gathers in the hotel lobby, where your guide awaits you on a captivating tour of Madrid. After a delightful lunch, indulge in a leisurely afternoon, allowing you to explore Madrid at your own pace freely.

Day 3: Travel to Salamanca

Following breakfast, our small group will board our overland vehicle and set off towards the historic city of Salamanca, approximately a 3-hour away. Nestled amid picturesque pastures and rolling green hills on Spain's northern plateau, Salamanca captivates with its rose-hued medieval charm, making it ideal for exploration on a leisurely walking tour to uncover its historical highlights. Upon arrival, your leader will guide you on an orientation walk, offering you an introductory tour of Salamanca. Dinner and Accommodation will be at your hotel.

Free time allows one to discover the central Plaza Mayor and marvel at the city's renowned Renaissance and Baroque architecture. This could be done individually without your group tour. Plaza Mayor is a quintessential hub of vibrant local life, often considered Spain's most perfect city square. Architecturally unique, it bustles with activity as locals gather for coffee, tapas, or cocktails. The remainder of your afternoon and evening is yours to enjoy. Admire the intricate details of the Casa de Las Conchas, or 'House of the Shells,' explore the contrasting Old and New Cathedrals, and ascend to the top for panoramic views across the terracotta rooftops.

The city boasts a thriving student population due to Salamanca's esteemed educational reputation. As a result, Salamanca's nightlife comes alive with youthful exuberance, allowing you to immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere tonight.

Day 4: Salamanca Historical Tour

Embarking post-breakfast, our small group tour will rendezvous with our local guide, delving into the wonders of Salamanca. Traverse the distinct Old and New Cathedrals, ascending for sweeping panoramic views of terracotta rooftops. A day of exploration and enchantment awaits in this historical gem.

Day 5: Overland Travel to Coimbra

Gather with the group post-breakfast for a westward journey in your Van to Coimbra (approximately 4 hours) along a scenic route. Coimbra, nestled on the river Mondego, once Portugal's capital, exudes royal heritage in its ancient streets. Your tour leader will guide you on an orientation walking tour, unraveling the city's maze of alleyways. Embrace the charm of wandering and exploring during your free time, admiring the white stone buildings adorned with vibrant Azulejos tiling. Consider historic structures dating back to the 12th century, such as the Cathedral Se Velha, and immerse yourself in Coimbra's Romanesque architecture. Explore the University of Coimbra, Portugal's oldest, and the renowned baroque library, Biblioteca Joanina, with its 18th-century bell tower. When our active tour of Coimbra is achieved, we will retreat to our hotel for a group dinner.

Day 6: Guided Tour of Coimbra

Our group will indulge with a local guide in a day of exploration in Coimbra, delving into its rich historical and artistic wonders. Cap off the day with a traditional Fado performance, where the melancholy tunes often echo tales of the sea or the struggles of the less fortunate. Optionally, join an afternoon excursion to the Roman ruins of Conimbriga, a 30-minute bus ride away, unveiling well-preserved mosaics and insights into ancient Roman life. For a unique perspective, consider a short boat tour or a three-kilometer walk to the quaint rural town of Condeixa. Dinner and accommodation for our group will be at the hotel.

Day 7: Travel from Coimbra to Lisbon

After breakfast, our small group will journey through the picturesque countryside of central Portugal to reach Lisbon (approximately 3.5 hours). As one of Europe's most pleasant and affordable capitals, Lisbon offers a blend of fantastic architecture, a multicultural atmosphere, delectable seafood, and vibrant nightlife—a perfect prescription for the active traveler. Upon arrival, our local guide will lead us on a historical tour, exploring the city situated along the Tagus (Tejo) River. Lisbon's allure lies in its beautifully restored buildings, grand boulevards, and historic landmarks like the Citadel of Sao Jorge Castle, dating back to Moorish times. Take panoramic views of the city with its angular white houses and distinctive red terracotta rooftops. The afternoon and evening are yours to explore. Consider visiting the Grand Naval Museum for maritime history or wandering through local neighborhoods to experience authentic Portuguese life. For those seeking nightlife, Barrio Alto awaits, promising an evening of Portuguese revelry.

Day 8: Guided Tour of Lisbon

Enjoy a day touring the historic highlights of the city of Lisbon with your local guide.

Day 9: Explore Lisbon your way

You won't participate in today's discovery adventure tour with your small group. Instead, enjoy a free day to explore Lisbon further or consider a 45-minute train ride to the mountainous splendor of Sintra—a Portuguese gem. Discover the exquisite Pena Palace, surrounded by fantastic walking trails, cliff-top palaces, and distinctive Moorish architecture. The 8th-century Castle of the Moors, overseeing the Old Town of Lisbon, provides breathtaking views from its backdrop across the Serra de Sintra Mountain range.

Day 10: Travel from Lisbon to Algarve

Following breakfast, embark on our Deluxe Van to the Algarve, Portugal's Southern Belt. Known for its fertile plains adorned with orange and olive groves, fig trees, almonds, and cornfields, this region combines natural beauty and leisure beaches. Our small group base will be in Olhao, the Algarve's largest fishing port, boasting an active waterfront and Moorish-infused architecture, evoking a Northern African ambiance. Camp here for two nights and spend the day exploring Olhao. Roam the historic downtown, savoring rooftop terrace views from a café. Don't overlook the famed fish restaurants along Rua 5 de Outubro, the eastern Algarve's gastronomic haven brimming with authentic local delights Portugal has to offer.

Day 11: Discover the Algarve Shoreline

Our adventure tour in Portugal proceeds today by exploring the natural wonders of the Algarve. Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Algarve today at your own pace. Whether trekking through the Algarve's diverse landscapes or unwinding on the pristine white beaches of Olhao, the day is yours to shape. Consider visiting the nearby islands; your leader can guide you to the local ferry for an authentic experience. For nature enthusiasts, explore the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve, featuring canals, salt pans, lagoons, and barrier islands like Ilha de Culatra. Wander along boardwalks, crossing dunes to endless beaches. Evenings adorned with breathtaking sunsets are best enjoyed in Olhao's Old Town, offering genuine Portuguese fun and festivities.

Day 12: Travel from Portugal to Spain

Today, our small group journey leads us southward to Seville in Spain, a city steeped in myth and history. Linked to Hercules and Tartessian origins, it was Hispalis to the Romans and Ishbilya to the Muslim Moors. After the Christian reconquest, it became a gateway to the 'New World' and is today the largest city in southern Spain. Seville is renowned for its vibrancy and flamboyance, and it is celebrated as the city of Carmen, Don Juan, and Figaro. Famous for oranges, tapas, and the flamenco styles of Saetas and Sevillanas, these cultural elements are woven into the city's fabric and the hearts of its proud Andalusian people. Enjoy a brief orientation walk, followed by some free time to explore. Dive into the lively, atmospheric nightlife. Accommodation will be in a small inn or a campsite, weather permitting.

Day 13: Guided Tour of Seville

After breakfast, our group will meet our private local guide in the hotel lobby, leading us in exploring Seville's marvels. Seville. A radiant city, Seville exudes an unmistakable aura of joy that captivates any visitor. Undoubtedly, it stands as Spain's most beautiful metropolis for the discerning traveler, renowned as a place to savor the essence of life. The vibrant streets reveal the nature of Spanish life, making one feel authentically Spanish. Traditional theatrical exhibitions, a unique art form in Seville, unfold in practically every square. Dinner will be at a local restaurant.

Travel from Spain to Morocco

Today, our small group will travel from Spain to Morocco. We'll journey to Tarifa, catching an afternoon ferry to Tangier before heading to Chefchaouen, one of the Mediterranean's most captivating blue cities, marking our transition from Spain to Morocco. Optionally explore Tarifa Castle before a one-hour ferry ride with our overland truck. Reaching Chefchaouen late afternoon, we'll stay at Akchour Lodge. Explore Tallassemtane National Park and Chefchaouen with a local guide, nestled in a mountainous agricultural region—dinner and overnight at your guesthouse.

Day 15: Travel from Chefchaouen to Fez

The morning unfolds with a rural walk from Douar Msamda through valleys and hills to the troglodyte village of Karma Ben Salem. Lunch on the Karma hill in a Berber compound precedes hiking Mount Zerhoune's old footpaths, exploring Sufi Retreats in ancient Olive groves, and visiting Fartassa village and an ancient Roman outpost. A panoramic view of Moulay Idris awaits, followed by an archeological walking tour of the Roman site Volubilis. Continue to Fez for dinner and accommodation.

Day 16: Guided tour of Fez

Our small group will be ready to explore the Medina of Fez with our local guide after breakfast. Embark on a comprehensive exploration of the ancient city of Fez with your guide on a full-day tour. Immerse yourself in the profound cultural essence of Morocco. The medina of Fes unfolds as a surreal backdrop, transporting you to a medieval era with exotic scents, flavors, and sounds—a vibrant, noisy, fascinating feast for the senses. Indulge in a traditional lunch at a Moroccan restaurant in the heart of the old city, savoring the finest Fez cuisine. The afternoon is dedicated to the art of bargaining in medieval souks, offering handcrafted treasures. Culminate your Fez experience by witnessing the sunset over the Medina, accompanied by melodic prayer calls—an unforgettable moment.

Day 17: Fez - Midelt - Erfoud - Merzouga Trip

You will spend your day discovering the rural environs of the Atlas Mountains' Berbers. Covered with evergreen pines, tall cedar trees, and poplars and laced with flowing streams, your first view of the Middle Atlas will appear oddly un-Moroccan. Passing by Imouzzer, with a quick stop at the Swiss-like town of Ifrane, you will soon come across the first real town of the Middle Atlas, Azrou.

Azrou is an important market center for the region's Berber tribes, located at a major junction of mountain routes. Your driver will take a little detour in a cedar forest to introduce you to one of the oldest inhabitants of this region, the Berber apes. This may also coincide with the encounter of a nomadic family in its temporary encampment. As nomads are hospitable people, we are invited at least for a mint tea under their tents whenever we encounter them.

Midelt's Middle Atlases give way to the High Atlas Mountains, whose peaks are visible through the haze, soaring to over 12,000 feet. You will stop in Midelt for lunch, enjoying the dramatic sight before you. You will then continue to Erfoud, one of the most delightful southern regions consisting of a dry, red belt of the desert with a sudden drop into the lush valley of Ziz, with copious date palm groves and flowing streams. Visit the gorges of Ziz and some oases and natural sites before you reach the magnificent oasis of Erfoud.

After you arrive in Erfoud, you will leave your vehicle and hop into the 4-wheel-drive cruiser, which will take you to meet a caravan of camels that you will ride to camp. You will conclude your day in your command over the dunes of Merzouga, where tents will be pitched for you to enjoy a night under the African Skies. After dinner, the Rokba drummers will illuminate your night with their lively dances and moving chants. Enjoy this encounter of Man and nature at its best.

Day 18: Merzouga Dunes - Tinghir - Ouarzazate Trip

You will wake up early to reach the highest peak of the dunes and watch the sun rise over the spectacular Merzouga dunes. This is an experience that should be noticed. Afterward, you will eat breakfast with the Tuaregs and continue onward. You will leave Erfoud and travel west toward the Valley of Todra, between the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert. You will reach Tinghir, where we will spend the night. Only 15 kilometers from Tinghir inside the Valley of Todra, you will find the Todra's highest and narrowest gorges in the region.

Next, you will travel through the Dadès valley, where in the spring, thousands of Persian roses bloom in hedgerows, filling the air with their heavenly perfume. You will also see the thousands of Kasbahs scattered along the Dadès River and majestic sandcastles with a visually appealing, timeless beauty.

You will continue to explore the Dadès Valley, traveling through El Kelaâ De Mgouna and Boumalne to view the inimitable natural vistas and unusual rock formations. You will then continue to Ouarzazate, one large oasis that intercepts water flow between the Dadès, the Drâa valleys, and the majestic High Atlas Mountains. This is an ideal place to stop for the night. You will conclude your day with dinner and other accommodations in your hotel.

Day 19: Travel from Ouarzazate to Marrakech

Our group tour will spend most of your day en route to Marrakesh, exploring the legendary Kasbah of Aït-Benhaddou, a renowned architectural marvel classified as UNESCO World Heritage. Your journey will lead you to the highest pass in Morocco, the Taddart and Tizi Tishka, at 11,000 feet. This pass divides the mountains into two distinct facets: the harsh, stark side acting as a shield that protects the hinterland from the dissolute, dry expansion of the Sahara, and a lush side, soft and evergreen, which collects the moisture from the Gherbi winds of the Atlantic Ocean.

You will arrive in Marrakech, a city of pleasure for visitors and locals, where southern tribespeople and Berber villagers bring their goods to market and find a variety of entertainment. To tourists, the city is a feast for the imagination, full of incomparable beauty, situated before the towering mountains that provide a thrilling backdrop. After a visit to the bustling Jemaa El Fna square, you will conclude your day with dinner and other accommodations at your hotel.

Day 20: Marrakech Historical Tour

You will devote your morning to exploring Marrakech’s many historical sites, starting at the Menara, a magnificent pool surrounded by flowerbeds, reflecting the image of an exquisite Moorish edifice. It was constructed in 1866 for dignitaries who enjoyed glorious sunsets with the ethereal Atlas Mountains as a backdrop. The pool is an innovative irrigation system serving dry life in the desert.

Your Marrakech cultural tour will cover many impressive sites, including the Koutoubia Minaret (identical to la Giralda, a tower found in Sevilla, Spain) and the Saadian tombs, demonstrating Moorish architecture at its best. The tombs consist of sixteenth-century mausoleums walled in and undiscovered until 1917. Next, you will explore the gardens of the Agdal. Finally, you will return to your hotel for dinner and other accommodations.

Day 21: Excursion from Marrakech to Essaouira

Our group continues exploring Morocco. You will begin your day by traveling to Essaouira (Mogador), a picturesque city with a rich history. With fascinating antiquity, Essaouira was occupied by the Phoenicians and Carthaginians, supplied essential purple dyes to the Romans, absorbed the sophisticated Jewish arts of the silversmith, and spent centuries as a Portuguese enclave.

Despite these civilizations' apparent influence, Essaouira has remained a small, authentic Berber town. Alive with the breath of fresh air provided by the Atlantic, Essaouira is a jewel nestled in the rugged coast, with a vast expanse of empty sands trailing back along the peninsula towards the South. After an introductory tour, you will conclude your day with dinner and other accommodations in your hotel.

Day 22: Day trip from Essaouira to Casablanca

You will travel to Casablanca from Essaouira on the scenic road, stopping at El Oualidia for a seafood lunch. You will continue to El Jadida, where you will visit the citadel, evidence of the 11th-century Portuguese occupation. Finally, you will arrive in Casablanca, having completed a journey that has led you to immeasurable antiquity. You will conclude your day with a farewell dinner and spend the night at the hotel.

Day 23: Casablanca Airport Transfer

In the morning, your driver will meet you at your hotel to assist you with your luggage and transport you to Mohamed V Airport. Your driver will help you with your check-in and bid you farewell.

What is included:

  • Services of local guides
  • Breakfast, and dinner daily
  • Transportation in Deluxe vehicles
  • Accommodation in Boutique hotels 4*
  • Airport transfers
  • Fees to Monuments and Museums
  • Guides and Tour Leader

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