Imilchil Festival Small group Tour

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This is a festival, unlike anything in the world. It is a Marriage festival to celebrate human betrothal traditions from the dawn of time. A special Cultural expedition with active hiking in the Atlas Mountains' most remote areas. This one of a kind Morocco festival from an ancient Berber culture and with a tradition that goes over 3000 years old. On this Imilchil festival tour package, you will explore the beauty of breathtaking landscapes in Morocco at the same time you will discover a marriage festival of Berber Mountain culture with a small group beyond the scope of National Geographic expeditions or Discovery Channel. It is Sarah's Discoveries' invention. A great Morocco Cultural Tour package.

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Deep in the heart of the Atlas Mountains survives a culture with an ancient way of life virtually untouched by our time. Scattered among the peaks of the High Atlas Mountains, Berber tribes' betrothal traditions began hundreds of years ago in a unique fashion. The Berbers are the indigenous jovial people of North Africa. They are herders, nomads, and mountain rug weavers of the land and they leave a free-spirited mountain lifestyle; a very liberal though the archaic way of thinking with a free-spirited lifestyle. Throughout the centuries, Berbers have been exposed to organized faiths with Islam lastly. They have nevertheless kept their rituals and beliefs, a heritage that can be traced to the Neolithic period. This festival tour to Imilchil is a cultural encounter and a journey to explore a unique mountain culture deep in the Atlas Mountains. Join us on this marvelous tour package to the Atlas Mountains in the spirit of exploring the marvels of Morocco and its people. You will be hiking Berber villages, meeting nomads, eating the most tasteful food, and dancing to Berber music. Sharing memorable moments is what this tour package to Imilchil is all about.


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