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His Majesty Mohamed VI, King of Morocco, decorated Hamid Mernissi as an NGO in Morocco with a Wissam Chevalier of Al Mukafaa Alwatania (the Merit of the Nation) for his ecological and responsible achievements and contributions in the field of cultural znd green Travel innovative programs in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Hamid Mernissi

Dear Traveler,

Perhaps your next journey will take you to a destination that captivates your imagination and touches your soul. If so, allow us to suggest the dazzling country of Morocco; a recently popular destination for the savvy and responsible traveler. In our Tours to Morocco catalog, you will find a variety of different adventure, ecofriendly and totally green trips for small groups or private customized tours. As natives of Morocco and having traveled, explored, and worked extensively in Morocco, we have unparalleled expertise. We have combined our depth of knowledge and love for Morocco to create unique and exceptional green eco friendly tours. We plan each tour with the hope that it will foster in you, the traveler an appreciation and excitement for the magnificent country of Morocco. Each eco tour in Morocco affords a variety of experiences—from the spontaneous and adventurous ruggedness of the Atlas Mountains to the exquisite serenity of Fes—a city beyond time.

We work diligently to accommodate each of your needs during your adventure or cultural trip in Morocco; including the possibility to customize any itinerary as well as specific accommodations for your private Morocco tour, etc.

The planning of each trip takes place in our office in Casablanca. Upon your arrival to start your tour in Morocco, you will have a first-hand experience of Moroccan hospitality. Our staff of professional drivers and guides will greet you at the airport to begin your active or cultural journey in Morocco. All the members of Sarah Discoveries DMC family, here in Morocco, enjoy their work immensely and take great pride in showing their country to you. Each of our guides brings a wealth of knowledge and love for Morocco, which by the end of your stay, you will surely come to share!

We proudly welcome you to Morocco: a world of marvels in all aspects of cultural, natural, spiritual and experimental trips. We offer all kind of responsible, green, friendly eco, indepth cultural encounters, and most importantly authentic experiences all over Morocco. Our overland small group expeditions or private tours are just delights to explore the marvels of Morocco. Welcome to a world of discoveries straight with the insiders. We look forward to creating wonderful memories with you.

With warm regards,
Hamid Mernissi
Sarah Tours, Inc.