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Many global wanderers aspire to embark on a luxurious journey to Spain or Morocco at least once in their lifetime. While we understand this isn't a simple feat, we can turn your trip to Morocco dream into a reality for you. To start, entrust your vacation to a reputable Tour company DMC that specializes exclusively in tailor-made private tours and group tour packages for Morocco and Spain. As adept tour planners, we are well-equipped to provide you with an exceptional luxury experience in Spain or Morocco, tailored to your budget, at any time of the year. Count on us as the premier travel agency to craft the ideal private budget or luxury tours to Morocco and Spain, bringing your dream vacation to life.


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Our expertise in the innovative luxury travel industry sets us apart. Crafting private luxury tours and unique group packages for Morocco and Spain is our passion, driving us to skillfully cater to each client's unique requests. From group tours exploring the Atlas Mountains and trekking the Sahara to walking the Medina of Fez and navigating the vibrant souks of Marrakech, your satisfaction is our guarantee. Whether you choose our packaged small group tours or opt for a customized private luxury trip, Sarah Discoveries promises in-depth cultural, eco-friendly, and responsible active expeditions in Morocco and Spain tailored to your time and budget. Trust us to tastefully arrange a memorable first-class luxury trip experience for you in 2024 and 2025. Explore our set scheduled departures or reach out for a custom-designed private luxury tour. We specialize in fully customized tours in Spain and Morocco to align with your interests and budget.

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No Visa requirements for Morocco or Spain vary for US citizens, Canadians, Great Britons, Australians, Chinese, and the European Union. Citizens of the European Union and the Arab Gulf enjoy visa-free entry to Morocco for up to three months, relishing the luxury of Morocco.
Communication is robust in Morocco and Spain, with internet connectivity extending even to remote mountainous areas and the Sahara Desert. Our private luxury van service provides in-vehicle WiFi during all tours. Free WiFi is available in the accommodations we use in both countries. For trekking in remote areas, you can purchase internet time by the hour from providers like Meditel or Maroc Telecom using a USB device, ensuring connectivity to share your travel experiences.
Enjoy universal coverage with activated roaming from your home carrier. Alternatively, on our group tours or your private luxury tour to Morocco or Spain, consider purchasing a temporary local number chip for your private phone during your stay. Another option is renting a phone upon arrival at the airport, returning it before concluding your luxury Spain and Morocco trip.
Comfortable attire, such as hiking or light cotton clothes, is suitable for most seasons. Consider a coat or windbreaker for chilly nights in the mountains or desert during winter. Spain and Morocco embrace diverse cultures and lifestyles. In Morocco, it's common to see individuals from various backgrounds. Visitors typically opt for casual wear, suitable even for fine dining or clubbing. However, a respectful visitor considers local customs and traditions for meaningful cross-cultural exchanges. Don't forget sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and comfortable shoes for your luxury trip to Morocco and Spain.
Tap water is safe, but allow 3-4 days for acclimation. Filtered and bottled water is accessible in Morocco and Spain. Stay hydrated, particularly during active tours, hiking, and trekking. Cultural group tours usually offer water in the van or truck for overland expeditions, ensuring convenience.
Toilets in Morocco and Spain are akin to those in many Mediterranean countries. Some, found in hotels, restaurants, and public rest areas, boast modern luxury, while others, especially in traditional houses, are the traditional squat style. Although you might encounter various types in public or private spaces, carrying your own hygienic paper and sanitizer soap is advisable when touring remote areas. In some public facilities, you may be asked to leave a tip for the bathroom attendant.
Major credit cards are accepted in Spain and Morocco, widely used in hotels, restaurants, and large stores. For traditional markets, stalls, and street vendors, it's recommended to use cash. ATMs are readily available for convenient cash withdrawals, serving as an excellent way to convert foreign currency to Moroccan Dirhams, enabling the use of cash cards everywhere.
Prior to booking a cultural, adventure, experimental, or luxury private tour to Morocco, Spain, or other offered destinations, it is recommended to obtain travel insurance through your local travel agent. Given fluctuating healthcare costs, having personal insurance is crucial. It is an essential and necessary component of every travel journey. While Morocco's private and public healthcare systems are well-developed, having coverage is safer, particularly in the event of evacuation.
Ramadan is a universal religious celebration for Muslims worldwide. Experiencing Ramadan in Morocco offers an intriguing insight, with daily schedules adjusting for this spiritual duty. Fasting, a purification of body and soul, entails abstaining from dawn to sunset. Travelers aren't obligated to fast but are advised to show respect by refraining from smoking or eating in public spaces. Restaurants and accommodations remain open for tourists and non-Muslims. However, nightlife, including bars and nightclubs, is quieter during this time. The fasting period transforms the day's rhythm, with quiet mornings, bustling afternoons, and festive evenings. Turning travel during Ramadan into a unique, spiritually rewarding cultural experience is an opportunity exclusive to this time of the year.
Exploring the traditional markets, known as Bazaars or Souks, is a significant aspect of immersing yourself in Morocco's cultural and artistic richness, whether with a small group or on a luxury private customized journey. Our tour company has taken deliberate steps, considering varying preferences of our customers, to ensure an authentic shopping experience without falling into tourist traps. Souk walks are strategically placed at the end of our walking tours, after visiting all historic and cultural sites, allowing you the choice to engage in a group shopping experience or opt for private free time. Our tour leaders are instructed to avoid tourist trap shops, while highlighting cooperatives and artisan guilds that support minorities and NGOs working for the greater good. Beware of tour companies claiming to collect commissions for environmental initiatives, as actions speak louder than words. Shopping in Spain is hassle-free, but bargaining is customary in open markets.

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  • Dear loyal Travelers,

    Above all, we express our sincere gratitude for your continuous support. It's essential to convey that amid global changes, Morocco is committed to evolving with rapid developments and technologies while preserving its pristine nature. In 1994, Sarah Discoveries, Inc. marked its inaugural tour with the World Sacred Music Festival of Fes, a cultural and spiritual journey personally led by me. Beyond specializing in Morocco Festival Music Tours, I've curated thousands of bespoke tours to Morocco and Spain. These cater to private parties, special interest travelers, and families, accommodating diverse dynamics and desires to explore the rich culture, history, natural landscapes, and vibrant daily life of Spain and Morocco.

    If travel is a return to the essential, then Sarah Discoveries is built on these principles. For us, travel is more than escaping the demands of modern life; it's a journey of self-growth, altering our perception of the world and cultures, expanding horizons. Travel teaches us about ourselves, our lives, the beauty of our planet, and the richness of our diverse world, which, in reality, has become a small village.

    Sarah Discoveries is dedicated to offering responsible and cross-cultural travel experiences in Morocco and Spain with a commitment to integrity and style.

    For the past 32 years, we've observed the ever-changing landscape of travel. Yet, our commitment to providing sustainable, green travel to Morocco and Spain remains unwavering. Through culturally rich and active trips, we aim to sustain remote communities and their environment. Proudly positioned as eco-tourism leaders in Morocco and Spain, we believe your upcoming journey with us could be a defining moment in your life's adventure. Join us on one of our captivating small group tours to Morocco and Spain.

    Thank you for allowing us to share this experience with you, gathered over many years of providing group and private tours to Morocco.

    Hamid Mernissi, a globe-trotter and travel specialist, anthropologist, ethnomusicologist, and advocate for cross-cultural services, presents meticulously curated tour itineraries for your journey to Morocco and Spain. Welcome to your dream vacation—a world of marvels. We eagerly anticipate creating unforgettable memories with you during your trip.

    Dr. Hamid Mernissi - President

  • I am the office manager at Sarah Discoveries, I have done it all, I have seen it all in the field of creating, customizing and managing cultural and special and unique Tours to Morocco and Spain. I have conducted thousands of diversified tours around the world and particularly tours to Morocco, spiritual journeys, leisure vacations, hiking tours in the Atlas Mountains, and special interest expeditions for last 32 years. Especially in Morocco and Spain travel, I learned so much in the field of traveling and from my own customers. I listen carefully to their inquiries, think deep how to act in order to make the right suggestions for them to enjoy the best Morocco vacation. I am proud of my contribution to Sarah Discoveries success supplying best tours to Morocco and Spain. When necessary, I still guide and escort some tours to Spain and Morocco.

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  • Travel business is a very rewarding career. I love what I do, I love to solve problems, fix issues and put things in perspective. Traveling to Morocco or Spain requires preparation, good advisers and best vacation planners. As I travel extensively myself, I know how to help others avoid all the unseen obstacles and errors that may accure on your trip. Going to a foreign destination is a bit challenging, but I assure you I can make it smooth and rewarding to enjoy a great Morocco experience. Working in the field of specialty tours and travel to Morocco and Spain for groups and private parties adds to my management skills another asset that is knowing in depth the Spanish or Moroccan culture, history and landscapes in both these entwining destinations of Spain and Morocco.

    Though my Master's degree from John Molson School of Business in Concordia, and the training I earned with renowned world corporations I worked with before in my career, I still learn on an everyday basis about the travel industry especially eco-tours and responsible green travel to Morocco. I'm happy to be one of Sarah Discoveries team, proud of what I do with integrity to environment-friendly approach in all our tours and activities to Morocco and Spain. I will surely do all I can to give our guests the best cross cultural experience logistically to make your vacation a memorable one touring Morocco with a small group or with a private itinerary. I am here to assit you with all you need to have a memorable Spain and Morocco trip you can treasure for a lifetime.

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