Tour to the Sacred Music Festival of Fes

Music, Culture and Spirituality in the Service of Peace

Everything started in the early 90s, when our President and co-founder of Fez World Sacred Music Festival played a big role in promoting the festival in North America. This festival soon became a renowned world event, which promotes cross-cultural understanding through music. Hamid, as a Moroccan married to an American, wanted to introduce everything he loved about his home country to Americans. He then decided to create a special tour around the festival, where the traveler would discover Morocco trough its sacred music and spirituality.

Keeping current events in mind, we believe, now more than ever this interfaith and cross-cultural link is crucial in maintaining global understanding and tolerance. That is why Morocco Discoveries has been providing a specially designed tour to the Fes festival where peoples from around the world meet and share this unique experience.

Exclusive access to special concerts and events

Additionally to the festival events, Morocco Discoveries provide its travelers with exclusive access to after event concerts and gatherings. These events are a crucial part of the tour, since they introduce our travelers to the diverse spectrum of music and spirituality Morocco has to offer. We also organize special meetings with Sufi masters in their own Zaouias and Jewish leaders, stoics and holy men where our travelers discover for themselves the deeply rooted history of coexistence between different religions.

The perfect chance to visit Morocco

Our Festival tour takes our visitors around Morocco's Imperial cities, exploring Rabat, Meknes and Volubilis and the Holy city of Moulay Idris before settling in Fez for 10 days to enjoy all the festival programs and other private activities, such as Sufi gatherings and local spiritual music emphasized on Fes in particular and Morocco in general. When the festival comes to its end we proceed to Marrakech for more cultural discoveries.

Music of Morocco Tours

After the festival event comes the music tour. The musical essence of this journey will take you to a world of marvels and reflections. Become immersed in diverse types of music from Moroccan pop music, known as Oughnia and Chaabi music, to Sufi spiritual music of different paths expressed in chants of Samaa of the Tariqa Boutchichia or Tijani, or Shadhiliya Tariqa, to trance drumming and invoking as in Issawa, Hmadcha, Jilala, Heddawa, Gnawa and the music of many other Sufi orders in Morocco. If you cannot attend the festival, contact us for more information about the music tour running in november.